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About Us

Tactical Life LLC

Company Overview:

Tactical Life LLC is a leading provider of tactical gear and equipment, catering to the needs of law enforcement agencies, military personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, and security professionals. Founded in 2012, Tactical Life has built a solid reputation for offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service in the rapidly evolving tactical and outdoor industry.

Mission Statement:

"At Tactical Life LLC, our mission is to empower individuals and organizations with the tools and gear they need to excel in their tactical endeavors. We are committed to providing the highest quality products, superior customer service, and a dedication to innovation that ensures our customers are always equipped for success in their mission, whether it's on the battlefield, in the field, or for personal security."

Products and Services:

  1. Tactical Gear: Tactical Life offers a comprehensive range of tactical gear, including body armor, tactical vests, helmets, and holsters. These products are designed to provide maximum protection and comfort for professionals who rely on their gear in high-stress situations.
  2. Firearms Accessories: The company specializes in firearm accessories, offering a wide selection of optics, scopes, and mounts to enhance accuracy and target acquisition. They also provide gun cleaning kits, magazines, and various parts and components for firearm customization.
  3. Outdoor and Survival Gear: Tactical Life caters to outdoor enthusiasts with a diverse range of outdoor and survival gear. This includes camping equipment, hiking gear, survival kits, and clothing designed for rugged outdoor conditions.
  4. Law Enforcement Equipment: The company supplies law enforcement agencies with specialized equipment such as handcuffs, batons, flashlights, and non-lethal weapons. These tools are crucial for maintaining public safety and ensuring the well-being of officers.
  5. Training and Consulting: Tactical Life offers training courses and consulting services to military and law enforcement personnel, as well as private security teams. These services are conducted by experienced instructors and cover a wide range of tactical skills and scenarios.
  6. Customization Services: Recognizing the unique needs of its customers, Tactical Life provides customization services for firearms and tactical gear. This allows individuals and organizations to tailor their equipment to specific requirements.

Core Values:

Tactical Life LLC is guided by a set of core values that underpin its commitment to excellence:

  1. Quality: The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality products that meet or exceed industry standards. Quality control is integral to every aspect of their operations.
  2. Integrity: Tactical Life operates with honesty and transparency in all its dealings with customers, partners, and employees.
  3. Innovation: To stay at the forefront of the industry, Tactical Life encourages innovation in both product development and customer service.
  4. Customer-Centric: The company places its customers at the center of its operations, striving to exceed their expectations with each interaction.
  5. Safety: Tactical Life is committed to promoting safety in the use of its products and services, emphasizing responsible firearm ownership and use.

Contact Information:

Tactical Life LLC - 10388 West State Road 84 STE 114 Davie, Florida 33324 - Phone: (954) 530-5503 - Email: Website:


Tactical Life LLC has established itself as a reliable and respected supplier of tactical gear and equipment. With a dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, the company continues to serve the diverse needs of its clientele, making it a trusted partner for professionals and enthusiasts alike in the tactical and outdoor industry.